1. You contact us to enquire if we can manage your laundry – whether linen, workwear or more specialist items.

2. After the initial discussion, we work with you to understand your requirements and plan a laundry cycle around your needs. We’ll visit your site to confirm logistics and to measure your employees, so that you can be sure their workwear is a perfect fit. When appropriate, we buy in your stock and our on-site team of seamstresses personalise items with your logo and any other requirements.

3. Once we have agreed your laundry schedules, our friendly and reliable delivery drivers will collect your soiled items and bring them back to our factory for washing.

4. Once in our factory, items are clearly labelled and tracked throughout the laundry process. Items are washed with modern chemicals and then dried and pressed, depending on your requirements.

5. Each item is then carefully checked for quality, if any items fail our checks, they are put back in to the cycle. If any items require repair, they are given to our onsite seamstresses.

6. Once all items have been approved they are packed and made ready for their scheduled delivery time.

7. Our client management team will organise periodic reviews with you to ensure that everything is running as it should and to iron out any issues.