At Weightwash, we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, flexible service to our customers, no matter what their requirements. This is why we have developed the Weightwash charter – it details our commitment to you as a Weightwash customer.


We do all our laundry and bespoking on-site, which means that we are not subject to the price increases of 3rd parties. Because of this end-to-end service, we are able to price competitively and offer the reassurance that prices will remain as stable as they can be.

We don’t have hidden costs – we are very transparent about what is and what is not included in our prices.

We hope you’ll agree with our existing customers when they say we offer excellent value for money.


We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service - whether it be the garments we provide, the laundry process itself or our overall flexibility.

Our experience means that we understand your requirements and match our service to meet your needs. We have rigorous quality control checks in place to ensure that your items are delivered back to you in the highest condition. All the linen and workwear that we provide is specifically sourced for its durability and comfort.

Reliability / Responsiveness

We aim to be as flexible and as responsive as possible to fit in with you and your company's requirements. If you have an urgent request give us a call and we'll see what we can do to help.

We try to accommodate specific requirements and delivery/collection schedules or adapt workwear to meet your needs. We are always careful to look after all our customers, so if we can't help, it's for a genuine reason.


We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your laundry and workwear needs. We are a service company that takes an interest in what you do whether you are manufacturing or service. We take our responsibilities seriously so that we don't leave you or your customers in the lurch.

We rely on word-of-mouth, so if you're not recommending us, we would like to know why. We are always at the end of a phone or an email if you need to contact us or discuss any issues.

We hope you'll see that we work hard to please you and always put our customers first.

Our Service Radius

Location, Location, Location

Service Area Map

We have a wide service area, although we like to keep our clients local so that we can be flexible when meeting needs. We therefore tend to focus our attention in the following locations:

  • Hampshire
  • East Wiltshire
  • East Dorset
  • Surrey
  • West Sussex
Our Promise To You

Clean and Green

Clean and Green

The environment is important to us and whilst laundry facilities, by their very nature, are not environmentally friendly, we have implemented a number of systems and processes to reduce our impact on the environment.