An olympian effort took place to get to our customer following a vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere.


Due to a clutch failure on one of our vans in the middle of the North Hampshire countryside a rescue mission was launched.


We had to find the driver, finish the deliveries and rescue our van.


With little or no information on where the driver was, other than somewhere between customer a) and customer b) we set out to find him.


Thankfully mobile phone technology proved its worth.


Realising the customer was marginally more important than the driver, we relayed the laundry from the stricken van to the customer.


The van location was passed to the office and the breakdown service was requested.


The first vehicle dispatched was not man enough to tow our van so a second one was called upon.


The second rescue vehicle was fit for purpose and carried our van and driver to our local garage.


One would think this was an end to it. However the laundry collected needed to be unloaded at the garage and transferred to another of our vans and returned to our factory.


As the chuckle brothers would say…TO YOU.. TO Me..